You re dating my daughter

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There was only a drop left so I poured another half glass for her. You don't need a search party to come knocking on your door.""Bella, baby, I'll be right back. My guess is that she has a faulty starter that's about to kick the bucket. I laid down next to her and held her naked body to me.

She should have just taken the tall glass that I gave her to begin with."Wait a minute? " I asked, just realizing what she had said."Yeah, the pack from the reservation in La Push. I'm gonna go see what I can do about your car, okay? I can fix it for her if she wants to keep this car. She was absolutely the most stunning woman that I had ever laid eyes on.

I took a hike through the forest one day when I ran into one of the nomads, Laurent.

He tried to eat me, but was killed by a bunch of shapeshifters."She paused to take another swig of whiskey. I walked into my bedroom and Bella was still silently changing.

What happens when a lonely and betrayed vampire meets his mate at Walmart?

Join Peter and Bella as they band together with their ragtag team of friends to creatively exact revenge on those who did them wrong.

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I gave them my credit card number to pay those bills off. Just a credit card bill with a balance of 327 dollars and a student loan bill for twenty-three thousand dollars. She pretty much ran through all his money.""Wait a minute, is Jasper the Major? "The only one with a set of balls would be the blond bitch married to the big lug.""You're talking about Rosabitch. "Besides, Vicky said that part of the reason why that coven has such uncontrolled bloodlust is because they feed off of animals so they're never fully satisfied.""I really need to meet this Vicky woman." I said."Oh, you will. It's only an hour and a half run from our place." I said."Oh, goody. He's a staunch supporter of the death penalty for violent criminals." She stated. Bella is very important to me and if there's one mark on her I swear to God that I will come down from Seattle and beat the living shit out of you.

"I think I've got this one, maybe you can work on the other one."She handed the second wiper blade to me with her left hand. That bite didn't come from no human or animal, that bite came from a vampire. I can't hurt you without hurting myself." I replied. "Now let me get back to changing your wiper blades for you."In less than a minute, I had both wiper blades in. I'll put the washer fluid in for ya."She did what I asked. "Um, thank you, Peter." She said."You're welcome." I replied. "So, what you're saying is that your wife ran off with Edward Cullen who finally got his cherry popped after a lavish over-the-top wedding put together by Alice Bitch Cullen. Everyone was able to stop him, but the damage was done.

She hopped into the driver's seat and started her engine or at least tried to. They had the gall to invite you because they were hard-up on guests considering that no one wants to be friends with their fake asses."My eyes gaped before I collected myself again. Edward broke up with me in the middle of the forest.

"Are you fucking telling me that the Cullens left you alone to fend for yourself after bringing you into our world? I haven't seen nor heard from them in eight years.""So, what happened to Victoria? He and I are good buddies, but he can spank me like no other if I have too much of him."We lit up our smokes and sat outside and relaxed a bit. "So, what brings you to Pennsylvania of all places? The fucker that I was most pissed off at was Jasper. "I really don't want to cover up those glorious tits of yours, but we're gonna be out in public now, baby. Within an hour, I had her whole apartment packed up. I decided to hook the cable and TV back up and watch. I threw them in the big rubbish bin and set it alight. " Bella asked."Probably, how did you know that we were mates? Riley felt electricity and a sudden urge to bite Bree. She also said that I was never Edward Cullen's mate because there's no way in hell he could have left me behind.

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" I asked."Oh, she's living with Riley and Bree in Seattle. My vampire senses were way too sensitive for the smoke. It's a long way from Washington.""Actually, I'm on my way back from a job interview in Philadelphia. Kiss her, take her to your bedroom, have your way with her, then change her. "I looked at Bella and she was staring straight at my chest. I decided to do exactly as Brewmaster said because he's never steered me wrong before. He, of all people, should have known better than to leave Bella alone. She was twenty-six years old and, judging from the address, she lived in an apartment in Akron, Ohio. Akron's only a four and a half hour ride from here driving at human speed. "Hey, Brewmaster, do you think I can take Bella along with me to Akron to clear her apartment out before she wakes up? Those titties are meant for my eyes only."I carried her out to my truck and buckled her in. Fifteen hours later, at close to nine pm, the sun finally went down. I moved the girl to a safe place where she would be found and left the scene. In the morning, I went through her paperwork and found her lease. I refuse to be bested by a fucking shape-shifter."Peterrrr! Anyway, that kind of cancelled out Vicky's vendetta against me. A pretty gal strode up to the Sable with a shopping cart, opened the trunk, and started loading her purchases inside. My house was located in a secluded, woodsy area of Hillsgrove. I pulled up a chair across from her."I used to have a wife, but she ran off with a piano playing, virgin, veggie vamp who happened to be her mate. I'll get alcohol poisoning if I drink that much."Oh, yeah. I took the glass for myself, grabbed another glass and poured whiskey in it until it was half full."It's still too much, but it'll do. I was living with my father and attending Forks High School in Washington. He and I started dating and like a young, naïve idiot, I worshipped the ground he walked on. A couple of months later, he and his fucked-up family were playing baseball when we were approached by three nomads: Laurent, James, and Victoria.

Ich hatte ihm von meinem Dilemma erzählt und er machte einen geilen Vorschlag: 'Komm doch über Silvester nach Bad Schönborn. an meinem Po drückte er meinen Schwanz ganz tief in sich rein. Mit dem Mund voller Sperma und seinem Schwanz im ... Seitdem hatte ich keinen Sex mehr gehabt und nur gelegentlich mal gewichst. … continue reading »

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