Updating medival total war

17-May-2020 09:17

4) Added 'v' to show status of trade routes on the campaign map and 'c' to show/hide castles.

5) There is now a limit on the number of artillery units in a rebellion.

2) Millennium G400 - When the player is loading into the 2D campaign map and hits the 'ESC' key for any reason, the game will now no longer show the red load bar and the map at the same time. 9) Fleets escaping from a sea battle do so at their own speed.

3) Radeon 7200 - Improved loading and delays on strategic map when selecting units, provinces, after year-end sequence. 10) Fleet AI has been tweaked to increase number of trade routes.

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23) The AI plays more dynamically with its cavalry.

Update 1.3 is now available to download for owners of Medieval II: Total War.