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City Golf lets you practice your form throughout the winter months; couples can also opt for customized private lessons, if you're willing to pony up.Tired of catering to the whims of your friends’ children?We've broken down the very best options below with ideas for every budget, and there's even some for you old “married” types to get in on the action.You matched thanks to your shared sporty interests, so cut to the chase with a vertical date on the climbing walls of Brooklyn Boulders Somerville (just for a day pass).(For them, not you.) It’s pretty much the perfect way to impress a fellow animal lover.Even if you’re not exactly ready to be rubbing down each other’s hooves just yet, you can definitely outsource the effort in the meantime.

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Even in the dead of winter, Boston can surprise with its couple-friendly excursions.

Happy Feet Spa is an underground favorite among massage connoisseurs; the one-hour treatment (for ) includes not only a 30-minute foot treatment, but also a head, neck, shoulders, and arms massage.